Pinkie Pie Problems


This is not Pinkie Pie. This is Minty.

When we asked our almost-four-year-old what she wanted for Christmas, she replied with a very serious, “I want a Pinkie Pie pony.”

A little back story is in order here. About a year ago, spouse stumbled upon a bag of My Pretty Little Ponies at a garage sale, for, like, two bucks. They’ve proven mighty adept at soothing the dread of dentist and doctor appointments, as well as forestalling potential tantrums at restaurants and photo shoots. He found another such treasure at a later garage sale, and thus our house has been happily overrun by pretty rainbow-sherbet-colored equines with rather raggedy, snarled hair (see above).

This was followed by the discovery of the MLP books at the library, and thus AG learned of the confectionery-like names given to the creatures (previously, she’d been giving them her own, and better, to my mind, names), as well as their wholesome adventures. Alas, however, we do not have a Pinkie Pie (who seems to feature prominently in said adventures, for some reason).

We didn’t know at the time that the Ponies have enjoyed a sort-of emergence of hipster-cool. Nor did we know – although spouse eventually discovered this through some admirably diligent research – that the Ponies have gone through several incarnations, and the ones we have are the somewhat old-school “Generation 3” versions (I love how the MLP Wikipedia page has the “this page is not unbiased” warning. Kids writing essays on My Little Ponies – take note!)

Have you seen the new ones? They’re hideous! The look like they were born too near Mr. Burns’ power plant or something, with their swollen foreheads, their too-big big eyes, and their shrunken noses. They completely creep me out.

So, I guess what I’m asking here is, (1) how horrible of me would it be to track down an older (probably used) version of Pinkie Pie on eBay and give it to the kid for Christmas?, and (2) can I do it in a way that avoids “vintage” pricing?


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