Thanksgiving Leftovers

Wausau, Thanksgiving Weekend

As I said before, it was kind of a grey Thanksgiving, weather-wise. Because hunting season is going on in Wisconsin during Thanksgiving, we can’t go tramping through the woods with our dogs like we normally do when we’re visiting Spouse’s family. So, what we do during times like these, after large T’giving dinners and whatnot, is tramp around Oak Island and Fern Island Parks, an island park in Wausau.

Stark Reflections II

We have to tramp around it approximately 24 times to equal the 90-minute walk at 4 mph that I normally give the dogs, but … (I keed, I keed).

Anyway, back to the old grindstone! Hope you all had a great, long weekend.


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    • Sorry I deceived you with the title of this post, Ken! We didn’t actually cook anything; mother-in-law did all that. But Paul has a really good recipe for pumpkin pie; maybe I could post that. Also, Paul’s mom made a really good pumpkin streusel and I could post the recipe for that.

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