Note – I typically drink the loose tea. But I do have some bags on hand. Let me know if you’d like to try it sometime!

I first tried Paris by Harney & Sons at a great bakery/cafe in Yakima while visiting my sister last year.

Thé parisien

If you’re ever in Yakima, you really should go to the Essencia Bakery.

They topped it off with frothed milk, and I thought it was the best tea I’d ever tasted. Immediately I purchased some myself. It’s pretty strong (or at least, I brew it that way, with 3 teaspoons loose tea) and invigorating. It smells delightfully fruity, although I don’t see anything but black tea when I look at the leaves. It’s got bergamot in it, which I thought I didn’t like, because I don’t like Earl Gray tea (don’t judge me, tea aficionados), and which I just learned today is a kind of a citrus fruit! Which would explain the fruity-ness.

It’s still one of my very favorites. For my birthday that year, Sis got me a milk frother, so I can better replicate the taste at home. It does taste like Paris.


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