NaBloPoMo Reflections


So, like last year, I guess, I didn’t write my end-of-NaBloPoMo post on November 30 because the date fell on a day when I have regularly-scheduled posting themes, and apparently I’m too OCD about my blog-post themes to re-arrange them. Also like last year, I realized: (1) I probably should spend more time on my posts, and (2) if I really want to build a following, I have to comment more on others’ blogs.

I think I had more fun this year, though. Maybe because I didn’t pay too much attention to the prompts, and mostly did my own thing? I usually do better with writing when I don’t have to come up with an idea, but this time, even after setting up Twitter lists of blog-post-prompts, I really didn’t follow anybody else’s suggestions that much. Perhaps the addition of my Tuesday Tea themed-posts helped some? Also, I decided to give myself I break if I just wanted to post a picture, even if it wasn’t Wordless Wednesday.

I also have become convinced that I should improve my “About” page. I never bothered, because I figured people could read my blog and figure out what I was about. But, it is true that the “About” page is one of the first places I go when looking at a new blog, so … Perhaps I should crowd-source it? Let me know if you have a brilliant idea of what I should include in my “About” page that perfectly captures the essence of “me.”


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