Infuse me


If you drink a lot of loose tea, you struggle with how to make it without getting bits of tea dregs in your finished drink. At least I did, when I used to use those little ball-type infusers. Tea always escaped.

Now I use fine strainers (like this), which work great. But still, with roobios teas, little bits escape even the finest of infusers. But not in this bad boy (left)!





I can’t remember exactly what this thing is called; I can’t remember where I got it. But it’s perfect for not letting any tea grounds escape into your drink. You can find similar tea pot infusers here and here, among other places. I suspect mine came from Zhi and they just look different now; I’ve had mine for a while.


There’s a fine plastic strainer thing that attaches to the bottom and keeps all the tea inside when it’s steeping.


And then when you’re done, you set the whole pot on top of a mug, which opens a valve in the bottom and allows the tea to flow through to your mug, while the grounds are stuck in the teapot. It’s ingenious!

My only complaint is that it is difficult to clean, whatever anybody tries to tell you. You have to at least rinse it out right away if you can’t scrub it good immediately after a cuppa, because the tea stains terribly. I finally tossed it in the dishwasher a few weeks ago (I was reluctant to do so because of … dishwasher soap residue or something? I guess?), and that helped a lot. So every few steeps I’ll toss it in the dishwasher again (yes, yes, I scrub it with soap and water after every use!).

This morning I was feeling daring and I experimented with a blend of Teavana’s Taj Masala Chai and White Ayurvedic Chai. Not a wise move. The mix leaves a smoky, coffee-like taste in the back of my throat which I do not care for. Live and learn, I guess!

Happy steeping!


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