Saturday Night Fever

#Snow. #stpaul #mn #PhotoToaster

It’s actually been kind of a slow week, starred-blog-items-wise. In real life, of course, I’m deckin’ the halls and all that jazz. By the way, Happy start of Hanukkah, for those of you who celebrate!

There are a few things I found interesting this week, however. As usual, in no particular order, you may enjoy:

  • Instagram Blog, Millions Drawn to Lyon’s Fête des Lumières. Pretty pictures of pretty lights! In France! Really, what more could you want?
  • Library Stuff, Bedbugs Hitch a Ride on Library Books. Okay, well, this is just horrific. I may never go to the library again. Or to work!
  • HelloGiggles, 20 Years of Awesome: A History of Lomography Cameras. For a while there, the “Lomo Fi” filter on Instagram was my favorite filter, and I didn’t know there was a real-life camera (and movement, I guess) from whence it got its name, the Lomo Kompakt Automat.
  • The Flickr blog. I’m all about photography today, I guess! I save all of my photos to Flickr. I know it’s not the most social-media savvy of photo sharing sites, and that’s not primarily how I use it – it’s my back-up repository, for the most part. But I am pretty loyal to it, and they have a great blog with gorgeous photos. You should subscribe to their RSS feed now. A daily dose of beautiful shots! What a nice thing to look forward to every morning!
  • And lastly:

This is my new favorite Christmas video of all time:

Bookmark it now for whenever you need a lift.


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