Earth tones

Golden tones

I wore this dress on Tuesday; had a recent order from Athleta come in. The skirt is nice; breezy, light, soft, and comfortable. It’s also supposedly reversible, but then you don’t see the print, which is one of the things I like about it, and, in the color I chose, the reversible version is kind of a drab army green.

I also really like the shoes, although I will caution those of you who (1) don’t like the feeling of material between your toes and (2) don’t like the feeling that your shoes might fall off. I have some issues with the Chacos that have criss-crossed straps – I’m never quite sure I’ve got them tightened the right way, exactly. But I thought these were so cute, that I decided to make a go of them anyway. (And the feeling that they might fall off did eventually go away).

I totally covet that cuff. I don’t think it’s available anymore, but I think I might look for something like it. I bet it makes the wearer feel like Wonder Woman, which is usually what I’m going for when putting together a look.

This is an outfit you can wear when you think an impromptu beach volleyball game might break out at work.


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