Easy Breezy

Easy Breezy

You guys, I love this skirt SO much. It’s soft, it’s silky, it’s got great flow and drape … Supposedly you can wear it 14 different ways, but apparently that includes tying the tie on different sides of your body (as two of the 14 different ways) and wearing it as a dress (which gives it too much of a 70’s tube top feel to me, although I could see it as a beach cover-up) … I’m happy to just wear it as a regular old skirt. It’s also reversible, and has some pretty contrasting stitching that becomes visible when you do that. So, it’s a great skirt for traveling, is what I’m saying.

The shirt doesn’t look like much in this photo, but it’s very flattering; it’s got the cross-over cut that I like so much. These wedge flip-flops make you feel like you’re walking along the beach. They’re Tevas, but they feel kind of insubstantial, so just be aware of that.

I find myself on a sporty chic kick lately.


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