Pumpkin Chai

Hey! Tea for Tuesdays is back.


I was in San Francisco a few weeks back, and one of the things that I did while there was purchase a lot of tea. One of the places I went to was DavidsTea, which I’ve been meaning to try for a while now. They have a lot of flavored teas, which I’m all about (serious tea drinkers are now clutching their pearls. They should just stop reading now, because I’m going to put in milk and sugar). Basically I want my tea to taste like chocolate, caramel, almonds, cream … you get the idea.


One of the teas I purchased at Davids was Pumpkin Chai. So yummy! Creamy and sweet, with a twinge of pumpkin spice. It maybe could use a little more spice? I make my teas pretty strong (typically 3-4 teaspoons for a 2-cup mug), but I dilute them with half-and-half, so maybe it’s not fair of me to suggest the tea isn’t spicy enough.

Let me tell you, I have tried every kind of creamer and creamer substitute: soy milk, almond milk, coconut milk, 2% cow milk, whole milk, heavy whipping cream … and half-and-half is the best (sorry, vegan friends). Just the right amount of thickness and creaminess. I use four tablespoons.


Yeah, I know that’s a lot. It’s really good, though.

I also pretty routinely add two teaspoons of sugar.


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