Saturday Evening Posts

To tell you guys the truth, I kind of have a lot going on at the moment and don’t really have time for blogging right now. It’s only because I sort of challenged myself with NaBloPoMo that I’m posting anything. Also, I’ve set up an IFTT recipe to automatically post a draft to my WordPress blog when I favorite a link in my Feedly Reader. So! Here are some things that caught my eye this week. I still haven’t really had a chance to read them. Perhaps you’ll also find them interesting?

Most legal libraries subscribe to a number of online services, so library users frequently have to search multiple electronic resources as part of their legal research, and trust that they have not inadvertently missed any relevant resources. Researchers need to know what electronic products they have access to, what materials these products contain, and how to best to search them. Other challenges related to online research include the duplication of resources (some materials can be found in multiple online services) and cost containment.

Not everyone agrees that we should reduce law school to two years.  Tax Professor Edward Zelinsky (Cardozo) makes a pitch for a four year law school […]

In Brief: In the library world, we may look to other fields to help us make sense of new digital literacies. Their frameworks may offer us new perspectives, challenge our assumptions, or give us greater clarity on the issues. Transliteracy is one non-library-centric framework that has been promoted for this purpose.  […]

Where’s I’m from, we have a little something called “the come to Jesus talk.” It’s not a religious event. Rather, it is an opportunity to take someone aside, detail the error of their ways and point the way towards their salvation, much like a concerned preacher takes aside an errant member of their flock.

After digesting the Legal Education and Training Review report (LETR) for three months, England’s largest legal regulator, the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA), has delivered its response. This is important because the big legal regulators—SRA, Bar Standards Board, Ilex Professional Services—shape the structure of the qualifying law degree, […]

To make a change happen.
No change, no point. A presentation that doesn’t seek to make change is a waste of time and energy. Before you start working on your presentation, the two-part question to answer is, “who will be…

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