Saturday Evening Posts

In case you missed it this week …

  • Tools for Flipping the Classroom?
    We have several teachers using the flipped classroom method and I was wondering what tools other people were using for the same thing?A couple of our teachers are using Camtasia and Mimio Studio along with a Mimio Pad to create the video lessons. We have another that uses the whiteboard in her classroom along with an HD webcam. All of them use Edmodo as a place for students to look for new content.
  • Digital Lawyer Legal Ed Project
    I’m heading down to Florida Coastal School of Law in Jacksonville, Florida next week to record sessions for the courses I will be co-teaching for the Center for Law Practice Technology. I’ll be teaching the core course in law practice management with Richard Granat, teaching a social media for lawyers course by myself and assisting Will Hornsby in his course on Ethics of Practicing Law in a Digital World. We will be adding more courses as the project gets underway.
  • Ding Dong Is A Fun App Which Lets You Share Your Location And Mood With Close Friends
    Social mobile location apps were all the rage a couple of years ago but few seemed to take off, unless of course like Grindr and Tinder they scratched that hookup itch. A more general, friendly ‘SoLoMo’ has been wanting, other than perhaps Foursquare. Step in Ding Dong, a new app which makes the whole process of sharing your location more fun and, crucially, more private. Today the new redesigned Ding Dong hits the App Store. And it’s addictive.
  • Social Media and Law Schools (an introduction)
    Want an introduction to social media?  Earlier this week, my colleague, Andrew Brandt, and I held a faculty workshop for our colleagues at Villanova Law about using social media to build our community and showcase our ideas. Here is a link to the powerpoint we created for the talk (although did not use). […]
  • How I Learned to Stop Nagging My Kids and Start Motivating ThemI bet you’ve come across the term “positive reinforcement” before–but honestly, do you know what it really means? Some time back, I decided to jump onto the positive reinforcement bandwagon. Except, it wasn’t really clear to me what it is I should be doing. The worst part? The more I read about it, the more confused I got.This article is the result of trying to sort through some of the confusion so we can be masters of applying positive reinforcement to raise terrific, internally motivated kids.
  • How To Take Awesome Smartphone Photos

    The line between photography and “photography” is long gone. But just because everybody else is doing it doesn’t mean you can’t still make your mobile photos stand out from the stream.

    While you might not be inhaling darkroom chemicals like our non-digital forebears, the craft of mobile photography is an art unto itself—and it can be taken to the next level.  Even traditional DSLR and film photographers might have a thing or two to learn in the transition.

  • Law Librarians Adapting to Changing Users
    Although we have long incorporated elements of teaching into our “toolkit” of skills as librarians, there is an increasing trend of academic law librarians having formal teaching duties inside traditional classrooms. In today’s rapidly changing information environment remaining relevant means librarians must understand our role (and ourselves) as […]
  • Farewell, Hello,

    On November 19th,, the venerable website of the United States Congress, will begin to redirect visitors to The new site, which launched in beta in September 2012, will become the primary governmental resource for the text of legislation, past, present and future, along with reports from committees, speeches from the floor of Congress and cost estimates from the Congressional Budget Office.

  • It’s the Pedagogy, Stupid.
    Criticizing law schools and legal education is easy.  The curriculum, the expense, the fudged employment numbers, the value of legal scholarship, administrative bloat, the U.S. News ratings – there’s more low hanging fruit here than a U-PICK orchard.   However, there’s a major item often missing from these lists.

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