Home again home again

Am only doing this quick note so that I technically complete all posts for NaBloPoMo this month.

Had an adventurous flight from Orlando. As we were getting ready to board, we were told that people in rows 37-42 had to wait for something to be attended to. I sort of assumed that there was a … vomit incident. Although one that wiped out six rows would be something else, I guess.

Well, we all boarded (even those in the errant rows), and had all settled in for about a half an hour. I was pleasantly dozing. Captain got on and said he had bad news: the thing that they had been trying to fix for the last hour was missing a part (I don’t know how it took an hour to notice that little problem), and they didn’t have any of said parts in the Orlando airport. So, everybody off the plane. Did I mention this was a full flight? And basically everyone (save me and the people behind me, who had been commenting on everyone else’s baggage the whole time) had stuffed all their belongings in “carry-ons”?

I dashed off and called Delta. They were able to get me on a couple of American Airline flights home, the initial flight left Orlando at 7:40. It was 7:00 at the time. The Orlando airport is very conveniently set up so that if you have to go between Delta to American, you have to jump on a tram, exit the concourse, enter a new concourse, go through security again, jump on another tram, and go to your gate. Also, I had to run to the AA counter and get a boarding pass, or I couldn’t get through security.

Long story short, I made it. Barely.

I have no idea what will happen to my luggage.


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