I love these “sweatshirts”!

Cute and chic

These aren’t really good photos of these wonderful tops, but I couldn’t find any others on line. I put sweatshirts in quotes because they’re much nicer than that. They have these lovely printed arms and neck areas – they come in a cowl neck version and a hoodie version – that are really eye-catching. And they’re perfect with jeans, jean skirts, and little black skirts. I love them and have already purchased two (I want more, but can’t justify it!). The hoodies I have are less subtle than these – I’ve got one that has jewel-blue-tones swirls and whirls on the arms and hood, with a soft, black middle part, and another that’s got red, green, and other autumn-toned paisleys on the arms and hood, with a shimmery, green middle part. I get compliments every time I wear them.

Where did I get them? Poppy Togs and Clogs, of course. And they’re made by a local designer, Laura Hlavac. You should probably get some for the women in your life for whom you want to purchase nice things.

(The glasses are made by a local place, too – Ogi Eyewear. I love them, as well).


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