24 Days of Tea


I was lucky enough this year to get my hot little hands on David’s Teas tea advent calendar, thanks only to my cousin (in-law), Sean Hugunin, who picked one up for me in their San Francisco store (they sold out in just a couple of hours online). Seriously, Sean, I can’t thank you enough. I really loved this!

Chocolate Orange

I got to try a huge variety of different teas; many of which I’ve never even considered tasting, such as pu’erhs and oolongs. Some of them I didn’t care for too much (turns out I really don’t like Jasmine-flavored teas AT ALL), but it was such a fun experiment, and a nice surprise each morning!

Main Squeeze

Also, it forced me out of my tea comfort zone, which was a good exercise.

Day 5: Stormy Night

My very favorite was Stormy Night (above). It was chocolatey (what a surprise, I know) and malty. I’ll for sure be purchasing some of that once my tea supply dwindles a little bit.

24 Days of Tea

It also made for some fun photo subjects! Want to see more? Check out my 24 Days of Tea set on Flickr.


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