Saturday Evening Posts – the last of 2013

Winter Path

Not a lot goin’ on this week. But there were some notables:

    These all had one thing in common: They seemed too tidily packaged, too neat, “too good to check,” as they used to say, to actually be true. Any number of reporters or editors at any of the hundreds of sites that posted these Platonic ideals of shareability could’ve told you that they smelled, but in the ongoing decimation of the publishing industry, fact-checking has been outsourced to the readers. Not surprisingly—as we saw with the erroneous Reddit-spawned witch-hunt around the Boston Marathon bombing—readers are terrible at fact-checking. And this, as it happens, is good for business because it means more shares, more clicks.

    This is not a glitch in the system. It is the system. Readers are gullible, the media is feckless, garbage is circulated around, and everyone goes to bed happy and fed.

    Fascinating. Infuriating.

  • This nifty database shows how apps suck up your data plan, GigaOm

Do you know how much apps can drain on your phone? This website will help you find out.

Firefox may not get quite as much love as it’s Google-y rival, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t get plenty of love in 2013. With plenty of add-ons and tricks to stay productive, keep your privacy, and customize your browser, here’s the best coverage of Firefox from the past year.

This year, Firefox received no less enthusiastic attention from its fanbase. This year, we learned how to use Adblock to fix YouTube’s biggest annoyances, erase your most embarrassing autocomplete suggestions, and how to manage more than nine tabs without ruining your browsing experience.

As law schools are forced to tighten their belts, law libraries are getting squeezed especially hard. The future of the law library isn’t merely bleak, according to law professor James G. Milles. He thinks they’re doomed.

Because I love scaring myself during break that I’ll be out of a job before break’s over.

Whether you’re among the chosen to get a new computer for the holidays or are burdened with the responsibility of playing family tech support, we’ve got you covered with an essential pack of Mac apps, utilities, tools, and time-wasters. Grab another moose-shaped mug of eggnog and start downloading.

I received a new iMac for my birthday (in August) that I just picked out a week ago. I love it, and am always on the hunt for good apps. I edited the image above in a free Mac photo editing app, Fotor (not sure I want to shell out $80 for Aperture, definitely sure I don’t want to shell out any more than that for the others, especially when I really just want a bunch of filters and borders). If anybody has any recommendations, let me know!

These are really funny. More often than not crude, and sometimes NSFW, but very funny.

Hope you all had warm, happy, safe, and cozy holidays!


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