Mr. Darcy’s Daughters


A friend of mine recently posted to Facebook that she’d read a certain number of books in 2011, and she thanked Library Thing for making it easy to keep track of them. I thought it might be fun in 2012 to keep tracks of the books that I read, so I signed up for an account.

Yes, it’s another social media thing. But plenty of people keep track of the books that they read, right? I often wish that my library kept track of the books that I read, so I could remember them. (Don’t tell anyone I said that! It’s strict librarian code to keep people’s reading habits a big secret!) Seriously, though, libraries don’t do this, so that Big Brother can’t ask them to turn over people’s reading lists. Still, for those of us that don’t care whether Big Brother knows what we read, and only want to keep track of their books, it’d be an easy solution, since it’s pretty much were I get all my books now.

ANYWAY, I read one of the books yesterday, and I thought maybe I could write a review of it for the benefit of y’all. (Don’t expect me to do this with all the books I read this year. Mostly because I don’t want to admit what kind of trash I read most of the time.) Continue reading