What’s in a name?

Daddy’s name is “Paul,” your name is “Janelle,” and Aria’s name is “Hon.”

-AG, 2 1/2


Am I guilty of this?


“We communicate because we can and not because we have something important to say.”

“We invest in the swapping of trivialities,” he said, “precious time that we could use for serious reflection. I want to believe that when we stumble upon black holes of silence on the net, that depends at least in part on someone reacting against the tyranny of hyperconnection.

“There must be brave and smart souls who came to realize that thinking is more important than communicating,” he continued. “I see them in my mind’s eye a brave minority, sitting in silence, pondering and planning — the way it used to be.”

~Henry Alford, Is Anyone There?, New York Times (July 15, 2011)