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Some things of interest that have passed my way this week …

Legal education has gotten a lot of press lately (at least in my circles, although I think there’s been some in more popular press, as well); the economy is bad for lawyers right now (though I’m not really sure it’s more bad for them than anybody else), and still law schools are starting up and churning out more lawyers. Now, I should probably be careful what I say publicly on this topic – but this is an interesting post.

Should law profs be required to regularly offer proof that they are qualified [read: could be a practicing attorney] to teach doctrinal legal courses? … I’m thinking the regular granting of sabbaticals to tenured law profs for the purpose of scholarly pursuits can be put to better use by replacing it with required sabbaticals that send law profs out into the real work to practice law, assuming law firms and government agency would accept them.

Hodnicki proposes that academic law librarians be required to do this, too. An interesting proposal, to say the least. I think many of us would love it – but I’m sure there would be those of us who would not, as well. There is somewhat of a movement afoot towards teaching practical skills in law school, rather than purely theoretical ones.

  • 3 Geeks and a Law Blog, How To Make Google+ Really Sing. And I’m Not Talking Tenor but Soprano
    Sigh. Google+. I just don’t know. I’ve started a long post about it, but haven’t come to any conclusions and, well … I just don’t know. I wanted to like it, but I keep forgetting about it. And STILL most of the posts on it from people I follow seem to be about Google+. I’m as meta as the next gal, but … (I do like that this blog post tells you how to simultaneously post on several different social media outlets at once, though).
  • Pegasus Librarian, Motive and Opportunity
    I’ve really got to work on not trying to include everything about a subject in a single presentation and start “ruthlessly cutting all kinds of useful and interesting stuff,” because a person just can’t get it all in one sitting.

Wednesday night miscellany

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I am teaching an internet legal research course this term (basically, teaching students where to find free, reliable resources for legal research, as they likely will not have the unfettered access to Westlaw and Lexis that they enjoy in law school once they graduate) and have been struggling all term with the assignments I’m giving. Continue reading