Posts for the Weekend

Cherry blossom festival

This photo was taken last year in D.C., when the cherry blossom festival was in full swing. Here, it’s supposed to get to 50 today.  I can’t wait. [On edit: it was warm, it was sunny, it was delightful.]

I had a strange but vivid dream last night where Hermione Granger – the character from Harry Potter, not the actress who plays her – wanted me to write a blog post about her return to witchcraft after retirement. I had written it all up on my smart phone and everything. I’ve never actually read the Harry Potter books, by the way.


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Meaty weekend reading

After the rain

It’s the weekend, so (1) the flurry of posts is a bit lighter, and (2) hopefully you have a little more time than usual for a good read. With that in mind, you may want to peruse these somewhat more substantial posts:

  • Ellen A. Laird, The Chronicle Review, Prime Suspect, Second Row Center . Chilling, sobering story of a community college professor and the term she had an accused murderer in her class – an English class whose main focus was crime literature.

    I did not use his last name in class, but several students—tightlipped and stone-faced—knew exactly who he was. They struck me as uncharacteristically, almost eerily reserved, right from the start. At each class meeting the first week, some of the seats around him were empty. Continue reading