My wedding bracelet

It started with a dress:

dress for Jo's wedding

Which led me to want to create a bracelet with turquoise colored beads, which then led to the purchase of this clasp:

I can't wait to go home and make my turquoise bracelet with this clasp!

So I picked out my beads (somewhat) randomly from a bowl


and strung them,


and now (after an initial mishap with length), I have a bracelet to wear to my sister’s wedding:



Beading day

So I spent AG’s naptime today making a bracelet for my sister’s wedding. Thought the process might make a good blog post.

I had pretty much planned out the bracelet several weeks ago:

The plan

But I wanted to string it on silk string, rather than beading wire (the little pearls have holes too small for the beading wire to be able to double-back on it, like you do on the ends when you’re using beading wire). Working with the silk string makes the process take longer for me  – there’s knots to be tied (although I didn’t tie knots between each bead, as that would make the bracelet kind of kinky – just at the very ends and then a little ways into the ends), you have to glue the knots, etc. Continue reading

Broken Heart (Photos of the week, week 2 – Winter Fun)

Broken Heart

I guess this could be any-time-of-the year fun. I intended to take some outdoor shots, like of AG sledding or something, but I got an email from AG’s daycare that they were having a Valentine’s Day party and that we could send Valentines if we wanted to. Then I saw a post on a friend’s Facebook page about melting crayons into different mold shapes, and I thought that might be fun. Plus, I got sick (again! This terrible winter that will not die has given me more bad colds than I can remember having), and it’s been freezing, so didn’t have many chances to go outside (although, it’s been almost 50 this weekend – but then, there’s the sick thing).

I also thought it might provide some photo opportunities. Continue reading