I could take photos of fall’s colored leaves until the cows come home. And this weekend, that’s pretty much what I did, especially what with Instagram’s Weekend Hashtag Project being “Shifting Seasons.”

Here are some of my faves – of my own shots – from this weekend.

Golden carpet.

On fire.


Crunch, crunch.

Orange blaze

Colors on the ground

If you just can’t get enough of my leaves, I suggest you check out my “October” set on Flickr. I’m not sure how to link you to all the gorgeous Fall shots on Instagram, but I can link you to some that people have posted on their Twitter feed with the hashtag “#whpshiftingseasons“. Enjoy! Autumn will be leaving us all too soon.

By the pond

By the pond

This was taken last Saturday. Or maybe it was last Sunday; either way, last weekend was gorgeous. Now it’s grey and blustery, and none of us are wearing short sleeves, nor have we taken off our shoes and socks to wade in the pond at the Como Pavilion.

I intend to try to get back into my Saturday Evening Posts, drawing your attention to things I’ve come across throughout the Interwebz and hope you will find as interesting as I did, but I have collected so many of them in the last several weeks that it’s going to take me some time to sort through them and figure out which ones are really worth passing along. ‘Til then, enjoy this photo of a sunny Saturday. (Or, more likely, Sunday).

NaBloPoMo, Day 6

It’s probably a cop-out to have a photo post when I already have at least two a week (Wordless Wednesday & Fashion Friday). One of my hopes with NaBloPoMo is that it will prod me to continue to regularly post four times a week: WW and FF, as well as Saturday Evening Posts and an original, substantive post. And I had a substantive, interesting post in mind for today, but I worked today, and it was laundry day, and … I just didn’t have the time to put in. So you get this today.

I am so lovin' this Lomo-fi effect.

It’s the time of year where I get obsessed with leaves.

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