This Weekend

Dreams vs. Reality.

What I'd like to be wearing this weekend
What I'll really be wearing this weekend

And yes, I have had to wear long underwear over tights and/or under pants, as well as earmuffs plus a hat lately.


Back to Work

Back to work

Yes, after a week and a half of slothing around the house, hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to work I go and all that.

Although, since not even J-Term has officially started, I wasn’t quite as dressed-up as I imply here.

And I wouldn’t be able to do these shoes even if everybody else were back at work as well.

I’ve actually been wearing jeans, huge sweaters, and flats the past few days.

Wrap Dress

Wrap Dress

I kind of really like this wrap dress from Garnet Hill, don’t you? So effortlessly chic. Although wrap dresses and skirts can be kind of iffy on the wrapping side of things. Does it really wrap, or does it gap? Anyway, I like the idea of pairing it with those bright orange pumps, even though I could never wear such shoes in real life. And I love the bag. And, of course, there’s a return of my lately-coveted specs. Thoughts?

Winter movie night

Movie night

This is based on an actual outfit that I actually wore to a movie a few weeks ago (Thor: Thor Returns, or whatever it was called. It was fun, despite my sort of making fun of the name). My dress is actually prettier than this, I think. It’s this print, but the cut and shape of the dress is more like this. The material is sort of silky and soft; it really feels nice.

It’s really more of a fall dress, but we’re way past fall and I was just dying to wear it.

Aren’t those glasses (in the teal/green combo) gorgeous? I really want them.

I love these “sweatshirts”!

Cute and chic

These aren’t really good photos of these wonderful tops, but I couldn’t find any others on line. I put sweatshirts in quotes because they’re much nicer than that. They have these lovely printed arms and neck areas – they come in a cowl neck version and a hoodie version – that are really eye-catching. And they’re perfect with jeans, jean skirts, and little black skirts. I love them and have already purchased two (I want more, but can’t justify it!). The hoodies I have are less subtle than these – I’ve got one that has jewel-blue-tones swirls and whirls on the arms and hood, with a soft, black middle part, and another that’s got red, green, and other autumn-toned paisleys on the arms and hood, with a shimmery, green middle part. I get compliments every time I wear them.

Where did I get them? Poppy Togs and Clogs, of course. And they’re made by a local designer, Laura Hlavac. You should probably get some for the women in your life for whom you want to purchase nice things.

(The glasses are made by a local place, too – Ogi Eyewear. I love them, as well).

Day of the Dead & Buy Local Inspired

Day of the dead inspired.

It’s Friday. I was reminded that I haven’t posted a FashionFriday (or anything else, really), in a while, and NaBloPoMo is once again upon us. So, for today, you have a truncated post showing what I wore today, with me in it.

I mainly wore this outfit today because the top reminds me of Day of the Dead art. You’ve seen the concert t-shirt before. I love it, and love the (local) musician whose concert it’s from. The skirt is from my absolute favorite newish (local) store (the only physical clothing store I’ve shopped in in a long time), Poppy Togs & Clogs (I went to law school with her husband!). Her store is awesome and you should totally check it out. And the skirt is designed by a local woman, Laura Hlavac, who makes wonderful stuff.

I went to Art Attack in this get-up, primarily in order to visit two local artists I know, Eddie Hamilton and Mike Wohnoutka (well, actually, I know his wife), and also to introduce our kiddo to art. While there, I discovered Cari Johnson, and promptly purchased the necklace you see me wearing in this picture. Isn’t it lovely?

So! In short, buy local, go see art, welcome to NaBloPoMo, and (hopefully) welcome back to more of me and Fashion Friday!

Easy Breezy

Easy Breezy

You guys, I love this skirt SO much. It’s soft, it’s silky, it’s got great flow and drape … Supposedly you can wear it 14 different ways, but apparently that includes tying the tie on different sides of your body (as two of the 14 different ways) and wearing it as a dress (which gives it too much of a 70’s tube top feel to me, although I could see it as a beach cover-up) … I’m happy to just wear it as a regular old skirt. It’s also reversible, and has some pretty contrasting stitching that becomes visible when you do that. So, it’s a great skirt for traveling, is what I’m saying.

The shirt doesn’t look like much in this photo, but it’s very flattering; it’s got the cross-over cut that I like so much. These wedge flip-flops make you feel like you’re walking along the beach. They’re Tevas, but they feel kind of insubstantial, so just be aware of that.

I find myself on a sporty chic kick lately.