Meet the Olympic Family


Our latest fosters.


Mama Sochi and babies Axel, Puck, Bandy, and Sally Salchow.



Do you need a cat?*

We are still fostering Bjorn and Mama Mia, the only members left of the ABBA kitty family that I started fostering in April. They would really like permanent homes, please.


Mama Mia, a lovely little tuxedo, is a bit standoffish at first – she might even hide for a while – but if you put in the time, when she comes around to you, she’s a real love. She’s all about the belly rubs (and not all cats can say that!). Additionally, she adores our dog, Fiona (a 65-pound black lab mix, for those of you who don’t know). The two of them actually do play bowing around each other, and Mama Mia will rub up against Fiona, purring away.


Bjorn is more circumspect about Fiona, but he’s not afraid of her! Nor is he afraid of our four-year-old (perhaps he should be?), as you can see. Both he and Mama have been very good around AG – no hissing or biting or scratching (just running away if/when AG gets too exuberant for them).


And, as you can also see, he can be quite the charmer, as well. He’s a bit of a goof – he’s a cat who likes to splash around in his water bowl – or, better yet, he wants to drink at the sink (I’m afraid our resident Grumpy Cat, Thomas taught him that). Neither Mama Mia nor Bjorn have any qualms about Thomas, although Thomas doesn’t think too fondly of them, which is why we can’t keep them.

Interested? Please call Feline Rescue at (651) 705-6264 for additional details or e-mail

*Here, I’ve made a helpful flow chart to tell you if you need a cat: