It’s Friday, Friday

Moving back into my officeI’m moving my stuff back into my office. Oh, most of the stuff got moved in by the movers. This was the stuff that was so important to my day-to-day existence that it simply had to go with me to my temporary quarters. I’m sure you can see why.

In addition to moving, I passed along the following information: Continue reading


Day in the Life, part trois (mais de quartre jours)

Very high up

The painters and carpet-layers have almost finished with the second floor renovation. Today the painters were painting the triple-story open hallway, which is the first thing you see when you enter the library. This ladder that you see here? It’s perched on the STAIRS. I was very nervous for the painters, but they were joking and tossing things up to each other and listening to classic rock all day. No shushing here!

Today I realized that I started off this project forgetting the etiquette of explaining to y’all who I was and why I am here (or, in the words of the Library Day in the Life Project Wiki, “Include your job title and the type of library you work in at the beginning of your post [and] Explain why you’re capturing your day and link back here, to the wiki”).

So! I’m an academic law librarian (which you may have already noted from my tagline). Continue reading

Library Day in the Life, Day 3

We came, we saw, we wexed*

So, my spouse read yesterday’s post and declared it too boring for him to read any more posts. If you felt like that, you should just stop right now because yesterday was a thrill-a-minute compared to today. (On another note, I should come up with something fun to call my spouse on my blog. Like how Meg Cabot calls her spouse “He who shall not be named on this blog” on her blog. Until I come up with something, I shall call him “Paul”).

But I digress. Continue reading

Library Day in the Life, Day 2

Top of the stairs
Our always-helpful intern (and my friend) noted to me that a group of Librarians is doing another “Day in the Life” social-media-event-thingys, where “librarians, library staff and library students from all over the globe share a day (or week) in their life through blog posts, photos, video and Twitter updates.” I’ve always wanted to contribute, so here I am. Of course, it started yesterday, so I’m behind a day.

Although, really, you could probably just read this entry twice if you wanted to know what I did yesterday. Continue reading