Thanksgiving Leftovers

Wausau, Thanksgiving Weekend

As I said before, it was kind of a grey Thanksgiving, weather-wise. Because hunting season is going on in Wisconsin during Thanksgiving, we can’t go tramping through the woods with our dogs like we normally do when we’re visiting Spouse’s family. So, what we do during times like these, after large T’giving dinners and whatnot, is tramp around Oak Island and Fern Island Parks, an island park in Wausau.

Stark Reflections II

We have to tramp around it approximately 24 times to equal the 90-minute walk at 4 mph that I normally give the dogs, but … (I keed, I keed).

Anyway, back to the old grindstone! Hope you all had a great, long weekend.


Monday Miscellany

A gaggle of (I hope) goodies for your Monday consumption:

Alarm clock

  • Guilt is a better motivator than hostility.
  • Actual sentence that came out of my mouth this weekend, directed toward my three-and-a-half-year old: “Pick up your toys or we won’t be able to do yoga tonight.” Pretty sure yogis would not approve of the use of yoga as a motivation stick, rather than a carrot. And probably wouldn’t approve of it as a carrot motivator, either.
  • My most popular tweet last week:

  • AG doing downward-facing dog:
    Downward facing dog

Happy Monday, everyone!


I could take photos of fall’s colored leaves until the cows come home. And this weekend, that’s pretty much what I did, especially what with Instagram’s Weekend Hashtag Project being “Shifting Seasons.”

Here are some of my faves – of my own shots – from this weekend.

Golden carpet.

On fire.


Crunch, crunch.

Orange blaze

Colors on the ground

If you just can’t get enough of my leaves, I suggest you check out my “October” set on Flickr. I’m not sure how to link you to all the gorgeous Fall shots on Instagram, but I can link you to some that people have posted on their Twitter feed with the hashtag “#whpshiftingseasons“. Enjoy! Autumn will be leaving us all too soon.

On: Motivation

So, I’ve seen a couple of people post pictures of the “creative” messages they append to their phone clock alarms to get them motivated to get up, and I thought I’d try one:
But I’m not sure I like having my alarm clock yell at me like some kind of drill sargent. Especially since this is what it looks like now when I get up to walk the dogs at that hour:


And it’s only gonna get darker and colder …

Weekend round-up

Long weekend! Hot weather! Reflection time!

If you follow my blog, you’ll notice a lot of photo posts recently. There are a few reasons for this: (1) I take a lot of photos, and they make for an easy blog post, (2) I’ve gotten addicted to several iPhone photo apps, and (3) As mentioned earlier, I’m experimenting with IFTTT to see what I can automatically post from where.

IFTTT is this really cool application (stands for “if this, then that”) whereby you can essentially create kind of a mashup of other applications that you use. For example, if I add a certain tag to a photo I post on Instagram, I can have it automatically post that photo to my blog. I can have articles I’ve favorited on Google Reader automatically go into an Evernote notebook, to be saved for my weekly round-ups of interesting blog posts. And so on.

It’s not working quite as smoothly as I would have liked, and thus I’ve got a lot of random posts on my blog. But, oh well – constant beta and all that. I know I need to do a social media review ‘n’ purge, but, I also have six boxes of photos that I should shift through, not to mention the CDs that need to be assessed and gotten rid of,* so this is not going to happen any time soon.

I am grossly behind on both my Fashion Friday and my Saturday Evening Post posts; apologies to those of you who come here looking for that. Haven’t been feeling the clothes bug lately; not sure why. But here are some of the articles that caught my eye in the past few weeks:

  • Ecouterre, Coach Turns Vintage Leather Baseball Gloves Into Billfold Wallets. Okay, well, this would be an awesome Father’s Day present if we weren’t essentially talking about a $350 wallet.
  • New York Times Magazine, How Roland Barthes Gave Us the TV Recap. This is a really interesting article.

    Instead of just passively absorbing a series of broadcasts from Planet Media, consumers today participate directly in the creation of culture.

    To my mind, the thing that’s exploding into relevance in our era is not mass culture but the critique of mass culture — the Barthesian dissection of everything, no matter how trivial. This happens everywhere now, often in real time. And this critical analysis is often as vital and interesting and consumable as the culture it discusses.

  • RIPS Law Librarian Blog, What Do Law Librarians Do?. In case you’ve ever wondered:

    We tend to be humbly willing to do things that may seem at first glance to fall far outside of the job we signed up. We do all of this, not always because we have to, but sometimes, because we can see that it needs to be done, and we can see that if we do not do it, then no one else will.

  • Ecouterre, 10 Eco-Friendly (and Vegan!) Flip-Flops to Slip Into This Summer. Who doesn’t love flip-flops? Well, I mean, other than people at work who are driven mad by the constant thwip-thwopping noise they make. Some of these are really cute, though.

I finished my book review on In Chambers: Stories of Supreme Court Law Clerks and Their Justices. Look for it soon in a Law Library Journal near you!

* Shout out to the little scamps who rummaged through our cars early the other morning and ran off with a collection of our CDs! Thanks for doing the work for us, jerks!