Yeah, winter wonderland, whatever. The roads are STILL crap out there



The Great Minnesota Get-Together

This is me going for a walk with the dogs.
(The water is for them, by the way).

These are some of the things I’ve typically seen in the last few walks:

Hibiscus (? maybe?)


This is what I saw yesterday:

Buffalo and cow on my walk

There’s a guy a couple blocks from me who has a giant bull in his back yard. Sometimes it’s accompanied by a giant cow (the one seen above) in his front yard. Once somebody stole the black steer for several months (as one does). The steer has now been found, and is currently residing at Gabe’s, where he advertises angus burgers for $2.99, which seems, well, just wrong.

Yesterday was the first day, however, that I’ve ever seen the cow with a buffalo. Today is the first day of the state fair. Coincidence? I think not.

I love my neighborhood.