Good morning, starshine

AG has been taking a long time to fall asleep at night lately. She talks and sings to herself for about two hours regularly. Typically Paul or I will go in there and gently ask her to quiet down, and then she’ll ask us to change her diaper because she’s “a little squishy” (people who use disposable diapers will know what she means). I fear the days of naptime are coming to a close.

Anyway, the other night at 10:30 I went in there to ask her to calm down. She was standing up on her bed, blathering away, with her left fist in the air. She turned to look at me in the dark and said, “Mommy, will you please wipe the poop off my hands?”

Yes. She had unzipped her jammies, stuck her hand in her dirty diaper, and pulled out some poop.

Your friends won’t tell you about these kinds of things when you’re trying to decide whether to have a kid, by the way.

But! The next morning, while eating breakfast, she turned to me and said, “Will you sing the twinkle song?” “Twinkle, twinkle, little star?” I asked. “No – the one with the people.”

She meant this one:

So I sang it for her, several times, because she kept asking me to sing it to her.

And that kind of made up for the poop.


Good morning! Er, afternoon

Library of Congress

I do not think the blogging thing is going to work well from the iPad. Lindsay is right; the iPad is more about consuming than creating. So please bear with me.

Am going to the Library of Congress bright and early in the morn, if all goes as planned, so these have been compiled Tuesday evening. Edited to add: did do LOC, as well as LLOC, and some conference stuff, so it is now Wednesday afternoon. After what I thought was as rather lack-luster morning Tuesday, post-wise, there were several interesting discussions in the afternoon worth taking a look at.

  • Sarah Waldeck, Concurring Opinions, WestlawNext. Will the pricing structure of the tool lead to “settling” for inferior search results?
  • Maxine Eichner, Concurring Opinions, Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother Revisited. Really interesting post on one of the reasons Amy Chua’s book sparked such a furor (although she doesn’t mention the whole supermom one-upsmanship thing going on out there).

    Chua’s focus on raising children to win taps into the predicament of raising children today. The stakes are higher than we’ve seen before: No longer is being “pretty good” good enough. With the demise of unions, getting a high school degree won’t assure your children a life of economic security. Even a college education won’t do it: assuming you can get a job at all, you certainly are no longer assured to have health insurance and an adequate pension on retirement. Instead, you’ve got to be the best to win. And there’s no middle ground any more: Anyone who doesn’t win is a loser.

  • A couple of posts on the Google Books decision. Haven’t read the decision myself, so can’t comment on it. I do wonder if this will bring out more copyright reformers, though. Also wonder what it means for the works that you can already see on Google Books, although maybe the ones up there are already out of copyright or their authors have given permission for them to be there?

Don’t know if I’ll have the time (or patience) to post anything tomorrow. I will be engaged in several conference-related activities, including staffing the International Legal Research Interest Group’s (of which I am the secretary, by the way) Research Kiosk for last-minute research quests by speakers and panelists (and conference attendees, I suppose). So, happy Thursday!