Meaty weekend reading

After the rain

It’s the weekend, so (1) the flurry of posts is a bit lighter, and (2) hopefully you have a little more time than usual for a good read. With that in mind, you may want to peruse these somewhat more substantial posts:

  • Ellen A. Laird, The Chronicle Review, Prime Suspect, Second Row Center . Chilling, sobering story of a community college professor and the term she had an accused murderer in her class – an English class whose main focus was crime literature.

    I did not use his last name in class, but several students—tightlipped and stone-faced—knew exactly who he was. They struck me as uncharacteristically, almost eerily reserved, right from the start. At each class meeting the first week, some of the seats around him were empty. Continue reading

Erin Go Bragh, y’all

Some reading material while you’re enjoying your morning Irish Coffee.

Posts o’the mornin’

When we have our RSS assignment in Internet Legal Research, we require our students to sign up for 5 blogs (last year we required them to sign up for 10, and students found that too onerous).  I currently follow 181 blogs on my Reader, and 222 people on Twitter, ranging from “serious” (and not-so-serious) legal topics, to pop culture, to people who make purses that I like.

Every morning when I get up I have at least 50 blog posts to go through in my reader, and countless other links to interesting things from people I follow on Twitter. Note – I never read them all; I look at the little summaries that I get in my Google Reader gadget on my iGoogle page, and click on some of them and mark the others as read (of course, the posts grow all day long; I continually “weed” my Reader because I hate for it to get too unwieldy. I do try to read all summaries to see if I’m interested enough in a post to continue on).

Some of the posts that caught my eye this morning were:

Let me know if you find any of these interesting!