2013 in Review

Ah, year-end recaps and reflections. Had enough of ’em yet? No? Okay, then.

On the social media front for me this year:

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 2,000 times in 2013. If it were a cable car, it would take about 33 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

There was a lot of loss for me this year:

The busiest day of the year was June 17th with 250 views. The most popular post that day was Baba.

Not far behind were my posts about my mother-in-law’s passing, as well as that of my beloved Nuala.

So, you can see, it was kind of a crappy year for me and mine. (Interestingly enough, to me at least, is that in Facebook’s encapsulator of my year, it doesn’t have any of these events listed as one of my “20 biggest moments from the past year”, even though I linked to these posts on Facebook and they were more commented-on and shared than any other post of mine. Is it because Facebook doesn’t want to depress people, or is it because they were links to outside sources, rather than native status updates?)

Don’t want to leave 2013 on such a sour note, necessarily, so let’s look at some of my other stats, shall we?

I always find this information amusing:

Some visitors came searching, mostly for “shish odoshi”, “shi shi odo shi”, “i love her expression”, “agafya lykova”, and “tea kettle with train whistle”.

I have no idea what “agafya lykov” means.

Oh, wait, I just Googled it.

It’s the name of a Russian woman who had been living with her family in the forest, away from all human contact, since World War II. Did I blog about them? No, I did not. However, I did read an article about the family earlier this year and it was fascinating; you should read it. Still, I didn’t even mention the article in a “Saturday Evening Post,” so I’m not sure how people got to my blog with that search. Perhaps I tweeted the article and therefore it was in my Twitter sidebar?

Speaking of Twitter … wanna see my top 10 tweets? Lucky you!

Twitter top 10

You can view it here, too: http://goo.gl/UlXNck

If you prefer a less static representation of my 2013 on Twitter, check out this little video, which is kind of cool, if I do say so myself. I am most popular at conferences, apparently. If you’re interested in the top tweets of my corporate alter-ego, check it out here. Nifty video for said alter ego here.

My top Instagram moments are lined up here. I won’t bore you with my top Pinterest or Polyvore moments, mostly because I have no idea what they are. And I’m pretty sure I don’t have any “top” moments on LinkedIn or Google+.

As for what 2014 brings …

I used to be big on resolutions, but I’m not so much any more. The only one I’m really making out loud is that I intend to floss more this year. (N.B., this is a resolution I make every year. Perhaps 2014 will be the one?)

Also, as someone who just (as I was writing this at 10:40 on Monday night) admonished her loudly yodeling and raspberry-blowing daughter with, “If you don’t be more quiet and try to go to sleep, we won’t go meet your sisters tomorrow” (note – her sisters, who live in the attic, are imaginary. As is the attic. And thus I have no idea how I would enforce this threat), I should probably try to be a better parent next year. (On the other hand, she quieted right down, so …).

More seriously, I hope 2014 brings joy, peace, happiness, and comfort to you and yours. And if you hear of a delicious tea, or an awesome tech gadget, or a gorgeous fashion trend, or a new-fangled way of looking at law librarianship or legal academia in general, let me know! I am honestly interested in these things, and I can always use blog fodder.

Finally, if you know of effective tips to get your kid to sleep (and to stop blowing raspberries) without threatening the disappearance of their imaginary siblings, I’d be grateful for the knowledge. See you all next year!


Don’t know if I should be pleased or embarrassed

As of this morning, I was the most prolific tweeter using the hashtag “aln13” (that was the designated hashtag for the conference I attended last week). Check to see if I still am here.

These seem to have been particularly endearing posts:

Mr. Darcy’s Daughters


A friend of mine recently posted to Facebook that she’d read a certain number of books in 2011, and she thanked Library Thing for making it easy to keep track of them. I thought it might be fun in 2012 to keep tracks of the books that I read, so I signed up for an account.

Yes, it’s another social media thing. But plenty of people keep track of the books that they read, right? I often wish that my library kept track of the books that I read, so I could remember them. (Don’t tell anyone I said that! It’s strict librarian code to keep people’s reading habits a big secret!) Seriously, though, libraries don’t do this, so that Big Brother can’t ask them to turn over people’s reading lists. Still, for those of us that don’t care whether Big Brother knows what we read, and only want to keep track of their books, it’d be an easy solution, since it’s pretty much were I get all my books now.

ANYWAY, I read one of the books yesterday, and I thought maybe I could write a review of it for the benefit of y’all. (Don’t expect me to do this with all the books I read this year. Mostly because I don’t want to admit what kind of trash I read most of the time.) Continue reading

Things that caught my eye this week

Spent most of today goofing off on the computer and following various NYC Hurricane Irene live updates. I mean – cleaning. Yeah, that’s it. Cleaning (Also? Live updating blogs? Could y’all get together and make a decision to either update from the bottom or the top?).

Anywhoodle, here are some things on teh internetz that I found interesting this week: Continue reading