Here there be dragons (Photos of the week, week 7)

Lego Dragon at the Children's Museum No posts for you today; just photos.

This guy is currently at the Minnesota Children’s Museum, as part of their exhibit on Lego Castle Adventures or something. I love Legos. I hope AG will love Legos. So far she seems to be indulging me on that front, although she wouldn’t stand still long enough to have her photo taken near this guy.

I highly recommend family memberships to this place, by the way. AG loves it. She loves the toddler room (excuse me; we are not to utter the word “toddler” in our house, she has patiently informed us several times that she is a baby), and she adores the water area, where you can make big bubbles and just play in various tubs of water. She stood at one tub for at least 15 minutes with a cup, letting water pour into the cup from a mini fountain, and then pouring it back into the tub. When we said, “Do you want to go play with some other toys?”, she said, “NO! Play with cup!”

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